Sunday, July 06, 2014

I'm  baaaack!  Finally after a long absence I'm reintroducing myself to this website (hello old friend, long time no post...)

So briefly about the few months: holidays, online teaching, hours cut at work (yuck!), new boss (yea!), new year and a new character at the Ren Faire (loooong hours...), lots of cold weather & a delayed spring, delayed garden planting, car accident (I'm now fully recovered & car is repaired, thank you), family health issues, and I started taking a stage combat class once a week.

So, hopefully your last few months hasn't been too busy.

Writing tip: a couple years ago when my schedule was way too full, I read online somewhere about committing to writing only 100 words per day.  I did this, long-handed so I could take my little notebook everywhere and in 2, 5, or 10 minute bursts.  In almost 2 years from my start day, I actually completed that story's first draft.  I'm going to do this again, and if you're having trouble just focusing or can't face the computer one more minute, get a notebook and try the 100 words per day challenge.

Happy day!