Saturday, October 22, 2005

More Amusements

Okay, just a couple of sidetracks . . .

"The Captain"

Which Firefly character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You're Mal, the Captain of Serenity. You fought
(and lost) for the Independents in the war.
You're a natural leader, and a rebel with a
heart of gold.

Which Firefly Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

(Do I sense a pattern emerging??) Now I'm going to go write. ;-)

~Ann JR

Maab's Not Amused . . .

Today I'm about 30 pages behind my self-imposed weekly goal, because yesterday instead of writing I re-edited the previous day's work. I really need to learn to quit doing that so I can get this story totally completed, to my CP, then out the door!

Geez, my Muse (Maab) is NOT amused. After keeping my up for the past two nights with a great unexpected plot twist, I haven't rearranged the time to actually write down the scene. That was supposed to be my 10+ pages written yesterday. :-/ I'll make up for it this afternoon. I have a whole entire hour to myself (sans my 4-yo and DH) for peace and *quiet* to write everything down as fast as I can.

So, what am I doing writing this stuff . . . ?

Bye-bye 'til later!

~Ann JR

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Writing Heaven

I love it when time, productivity and creativity come together. Yesterday brought me 16 pages closer to my 100 page goal for this week.

And motivation can be found in the strangest places. I took a little sidetrack this morning and click a link that asked, "Which Pirate Of The Caribbean Are You?" Here's my answer:

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

Arrr, arrr matey! Time to go pillage the pages and plunder my Theasaurus! Arrr!

~Ann JR

PS: Don't bother leaving me stupid advertizing links as comments, because I'll delete them! Arrr!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Rants and Roasts . . .

It turns out last Saturday wasn't as smooth as it seemed. The gal who invited me to participate in the demo apparently got a nasty bee in her bonnet about a few things I won't go into. Needless to say, my spinning time will probably not include that demo next year. 'Nuf said, or I'll go into a ranting fit about unappreciative snobs, illiteracy and the fact my spinning wheel broken 5 minutes into continuing my project when I got home. (grrrrr . . .)

Good thing my DH's cooking dinner.

On a better note, I've pledged to write 40 new pages and edit 60 pages for my online chapter's BIAW this week. Okay, those blank pages are waiting, and my Muse is babbling!

~Ann JR

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dead Tired

Wow, yesterday's demo was *interesting.* I spun, I talked, and I even warped uo my Inkle look and did a little weaving for one gal. Amidst all the activity (it was also the library's yearly Craft show), there was the usual beginner questions and distractions. Hopefully all the folks had fun.

~Ann JR

Friday, October 14, 2005

Spinning Yarns . . .

Once upon a time, storytellers told stories verbally, or "spun their yarns" to those who would listen. I haven't personally researched it, however logically I think this practice can probably date back to an earlier time when spinning and weaving were common daily activities in a household. A spinner could both fascinate their audience by the art of making yarns and threads from fibers, and at the same time expound a tale to the captive audience.

Spinning and weaving are other hobbies I enjoy because they're relaxing and productive. And that's why I agreed to participate in a demo this coming weekend. I'll probably not "spin" and yearn tales, just get started on a new Christmas project, meet new people, and gather more interesting ideas to write about.

~Ann JR

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dragons, Dragons Everywhere

Well, I've been doing more creating this week then writing. One hobby is dragons, unicorns and other fantasy creatures, which I've been making a lot of lately for this coming weekend's local Celtic Heritage Festival. After this weekend, things'll calm back to normal again. (hahaha!!)

~Ann JR

Saturday, October 01, 2005

No Power In The 'Verse Can Stop Me!

From writing, that is. :-)

Last night SERENITY was AWSOME!!! Great plot, believeable characters, ambitous goals with strong motivations, fantastic conflicts and a hellova 'Black Moment.'

Did they survive?

I'm not telling. But you can be sure, Captn Mal and the FireFly crew are wiser and will fly again into new adventures. And in the mean time, I'm going to see that movie at least a few more times.


(I'm definitely inspired to go write . . .)

~Ann JR