Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carrying On

So, less is more, right? Yeah, sometimes it is when you only have limited time to write or get something else important done. It all adds up in the end. Those day of 105, 160, 116, and 114 words all put together create a scene. And the more scenes that appear make a chapter, and chapters turn into completed manuscripts. That's the idea anyway.

NaNoWriMo is coming up in November. If you're not familiar, it's when writerly folks put pen/pencil to paper or fingers to keyboards and create like crazy for 30 days straight toward a goal of 200 pages. It's actually a bit over 6 pages per day if you work it out. Not a problem for most folks who are used to a daily job of turning out pages. Not so much for us folks who work and have extra life obligations. However, a great challenge is to focus and discipline yourself in order to achieve those 200 pages. Taken a little at a time, plus having a plan and outline to guide and work with, it's not as daunting as first thought.

I usually do NaNo and get it done, but last year I fell short. Next month I'm doing it again and hopefully will make that 50k goal. I also have holiday baking to organize and schedule and a bird to tackle right after the big spooky rush of Halloween. And after I finish our costumes and contemplate a couple of calls for submission I think I might attempt.

Let the fun begin!