Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunshine, Daisys, and Writing For Chocolate

I survived the lovely weekend of cool weather and rain even though it wasn't long enough. lol.  Why is it when a little extra time rolls around it gets taken up by 'necessary' things in life that push away the relaxing plans we make?  I enjoy a challenge, so I planned around the necessary stuff with a few things I really wanted to do.

The result?  Not too bad.  I accomplished the 'stuff'' early then moved on to my fun, which has spilled over into today.  So... today's menu will consist of getting class materials together, posting online, concluding my first Halloween project of the season, and experimenting with a new writing idea.

What about the chocolate?  My reward for finishing and meeting my weekend goal?  To me writing is like baking or cooking.  Start with an idea, characters, an incident, then add a smidgeon of doubt, a lot of conflict, and a touch of tension (to be elevated appropriately in the future), etc.  Mix it all up and let it stew a while.

I'm almost to the final chapter of "Deceptions" and in the middle of writing the climax that leads to the ultimate Black Moment (when nothing seems it will work out for the protagonist).  Progress will be made, just like my chocolate recipe.  I'll keep you posted on how they both turn out.

AND ... there's still time to sign up for my FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP.  Send my a message from the box on right menu to subscribe.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Upcoming Event

Heads up everyone,

This is my 10th year of teaching online and I am celebrating!  In honor of this milestone, I will be hosting a FREE writing workshop next week at The Writer's Ranch (Sept 30, to Oct 6).

The title is "Want To Write a Book?  Here's How."  This workshop is all about how to begin writing that story of your heart (or in your head screaming to get out, lol), characterization, settings, building tension, conflict, plotting (or not), turning points, and lots more information.  This will be a packed intensive week filled with everything I can think of, plus I will answer your writing questions.

To subscribe, send an email to me from the "contact" block in the right menu and include your name and why you want to take the class (to get rid of non-human bots who want to send spam).  I will subscribe those who are genuinely interested when I review your contact information.

Hope to 'see' you next week!


Monday, September 16, 2013

What Now My Love?

I finally decided what to do for our Halloween costumes.  Because my brain works overtime a lot, I even got a feel for one and stopped by the store on the way home today and got a few things to complete that outfit.  Yes, I said complete!

One down, two to go.  Components and such are in the mail coming to me as I write (with the help of online shopping -- love it!).  I'll keep you updated.

Speaking of updated ... okay I admit to being a wimp about formatting.  I'm behind where I want to be, but in my defense I did pull extra work the last couple of weeks which cut into my computer time and more importantly, my focus.  See, the way I work is that I immerse myself in the project at hand and work toward that vision I have in my mind.  If I have only a little time the project may suffer, which I don't want to happen.  Next week will be better.



Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th (the day NOT the movie)

I really like Fridays, and to me the "13th" is just a number.  At the end of the week I get to relax a little and catch up on "stuff" I've neglected around the house and at my computer.  I'm starting on the new ideas I want to implement into my next release.  Yeah, the story's been done like *forever,* BUT it needs tweaking to make it better.  I was fortunate last year to have a critique of a few pages and was given some really great advice.  That advice has brewed, and now I'm going to act on that advice.

So, #1. attitude change for a secondary (supporting) character, #2. that change will add conflict to an already conflicted main character (cue evil laugh and rubbing of hands together...), #3. change the ending to reflect the first two.

Back into my cave I go.

See ya.


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

To The Finish Line ...

Things are beginning to calm down a little now that the school frenzy is waning.  I'm finished editing MLE, and now I get to figure out formatting in so many different forms...  Okay, I'm dreading this.  But I did have a few resources to help and a couple of writers who have answered my beginner questions.  Maybe it won't be so bad ...

I also need to think about Halloween costumes.  What to do this year??