Friday, August 14, 2009

Step One, Two

One forward and two back. I had to scrap several scenes that just didn't work well enough for me. On to more today, hopefully I won't have to hit my delete key.


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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rock and Hard Place...

... probably not the one you think.

Murphy seems to have found me again. Literally. My DH has been looking into getting another dog to keep our lonely German Shepherd company when she's not in the house with me. Turns out, the Collie we'd planned on bringing home is a major barker and does NOT like the outdoors. His name? Murphy, of course. That, plus he apparently whines when he doesn't get his way, and we already have to deal with this problem. So, no new dogie. We'll keep looking for a nice quiet rescue.

I did track down the phantom that keeps disconnecting my Internet connection. Sort of. Over the past week every time I've gotten the unexpected little white "Local Network Unplugged" box on my screen it's been accompanied by a thump in the kitchen. I told DH about this and though puzzled, he messed with some things the other night and that seems to have fixed the problem. It didn't happen yesterday and so far not today. I hope it stays gone.

I'd also forgotten about about a call for submission by one of my fav digital pubs for my fav subgenre. Unfortunately the deadline in next week, and my sub isn't ready. I still have a couple of GG entries to finish judge too by the end of this week and a couple of crits to do for ladies in my local writing chapter by the end of this month.

My own progress is still slow, and I'm trying to apply the information I read about in the workshop I took to my WIP. Yea, and about that class... I expected a lot more interaction with the instructor. The class officially ended Aug 2 (Sunday), and as of today I haven't received any feedback. Call me disappointed, this seems to happen every time I take a class. Don't know why. This is the reason I do not take classes: I am usually disappointed. At least it was a free workshop.

Backto the two ideas I need to outline and make notes on that my Muse plopped down in my head a few days ago so I can get back to writing.



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Saturday, August 01, 2009

My Turn

Officially my workshop is ending tomorrow. Two weeks have rushed by in a near blur, and all the questions and comments were great. Earlier this morning I discovered an opportunity to actually take a workshop given by a digital publisher.

I'm not usually on the receiving side, and this "Show vs. Tell" class sounds like it will be fun. I've already subbed to the online forum, dived in and done a few class exercises, and am working on lessons. Love this challenge, and I'm hoping I'll get some feedback on my assignments.

Other than this, we've having a nice lazy day at home. Happy Anniversary to me!



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