Sunday, August 28, 2005

Taking the plunge . . .

Yesterday there was a wonderful lecture by a local designer at my local writer's meeting about creating and maintaining websites. Since every minute of time is precious to a writer, I'm always up for learning new tips and tricks to help to make life easier. That's why I started this blog, to get all (or hopefully at least most) of those little things and ideas floating around in my head written down so I can concentrate more on getting my current work-in-progress, a paranormal romance novel, finished. I'm also hoping to work on updating my website next week and add this link.

So, okay, a little about my Muse named Maab (yes, like the Irish Faery Queen ;-)) She's fickle, a major Diva, flighty (and hated it when I say that), and very inspiring. She leads my usually in several directions at once, which means I'm ususally plotting out or working on at least 2 writing projects at the same time. Maab is a wonderful chatterbox of information and eloquence. When the words flow, they stream like a rushing river I sometimes have to type for dear life to get them all written down.

And when Maab shuts up and won't talk to me, I feed her yummy chocolate, usually dark. ;-)

'Nuf for now, and I'll post more when I take another break from writing about my sexy vampire hunk.

Ann JR