Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Day

School begins tomorrow for my son, and this is his last day of summer vacation. We've had such a full summer season with family and friends and gardening and my writing, I will be glad to get into the fall swing of things.

The temps last month were too hot for gardening, so we let it die back a bit and plan on a later fall garden. Not too many items, but definitely companioning them again because it worked so awesomely well.

I also got to go to my writer's meeting again this month after being away for so long. The lecture subject was about how to ramp up stories with big characters and make those stories commercial and very marketable. I get that, and I'm glad I went. Great information I can tweak my current projects with. ;-) And my local writing chapter is having a retreat in Nov again. I think it will be great to get in to the B&B early this year (rather than coming in late from work like last year) and just write for hours on end.

Now on to getting ready for tomorrow.