Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunshine, Daisys, and Writing For Chocolate

I survived the lovely weekend of cool weather and rain even though it wasn't long enough. lol.  Why is it when a little extra time rolls around it gets taken up by 'necessary' things in life that push away the relaxing plans we make?  I enjoy a challenge, so I planned around the necessary stuff with a few things I really wanted to do.

The result?  Not too bad.  I accomplished the 'stuff'' early then moved on to my fun, which has spilled over into today.  So... today's menu will consist of getting class materials together, posting online, concluding my first Halloween project of the season, and experimenting with a new writing idea.

What about the chocolate?  My reward for finishing and meeting my weekend goal?  To me writing is like baking or cooking.  Start with an idea, characters, an incident, then add a smidgeon of doubt, a lot of conflict, and a touch of tension (to be elevated appropriately in the future), etc.  Mix it all up and let it stew a while.

I'm almost to the final chapter of "Deceptions" and in the middle of writing the climax that leads to the ultimate Black Moment (when nothing seems it will work out for the protagonist).  Progress will be made, just like my chocolate recipe.  I'll keep you posted on how they both turn out.

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