Saturday, October 22, 2005

Maab's Not Amused . . .

Today I'm about 30 pages behind my self-imposed weekly goal, because yesterday instead of writing I re-edited the previous day's work. I really need to learn to quit doing that so I can get this story totally completed, to my CP, then out the door!

Geez, my Muse (Maab) is NOT amused. After keeping my up for the past two nights with a great unexpected plot twist, I haven't rearranged the time to actually write down the scene. That was supposed to be my 10+ pages written yesterday. :-/ I'll make up for it this afternoon. I have a whole entire hour to myself (sans my 4-yo and DH) for peace and *quiet* to write everything down as fast as I can.

So, what am I doing writing this stuff . . . ?

Bye-bye 'til later!

~Ann JR