Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello Monday!  Well to be honest my day started reeeeaaally early.  And with this new week I've decided to carve out time every day again for my writing.  Life is just going to have to wait a little.  My goal is 1 hour per day, minimum.  I'll write, edit, play with cover designs, read writing articles or books, or whatever I can do that is writing-related.  I have a lot of first drafts that need revising, and I want to do NaNo this year (missed last year).  That calls for an outline and planning ahead.

So, I'm off to accomplish something during my hour of writing time.

Daily writing tip: if you think your main protagonist is in trouble, then double and then triple the problems for them to face and triumph over, then the reward will be so much sweeter because they have suffered.

Write on,