Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Survival

I did it. I went from modern me back to the 60's for a b-day party then transformed into a purple haired gal. And with a couple of modifications to my schedule due to time changes I made almost all my appearances and got where I was supposed to go *on time.* Tonks and Harry showed up and fended off the evil Lucius at a notable concert featuring the music of several great movies (Harry Potter included, obviously :-)).

Two workshops ended yesterday, though I'm still fielding a few questions, which is okay. My April workshop on characters began today with lesson 1 plus four information sheets. (Anyone interested, check the right sidebar.) It's one of those fun classes I don't teach too often. I enjoy the emails and posts (if it's on a forum) and being able to experience all those "oh, yeah!" light bulb moments when folks 'get' the information and successfully apply it to their stories.

So, that'll be going on for the next 4 weeks. On other fronts, our local Ren faire will be starting in two weeks, plus there's a slew of SciFi stuff to do over the next couple of months. And this is besides my usual day job, lol. I know where my fingers will be flying to create stuff. More later and maybe even pictures.