Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Character fun

When people learn I'm an author I get asked a lot of questions, one of those being are my characters based on real people?

Yes and no. Sometimes but usually not. I have many tools to help me write including resources from the all my years in the paranormal field of research like Tarot cards and Astrology books. Mumbo-jumbo some would call it. No problem. It's useful and I love working with a resource that gives me answers every time.

Astrology especially is helpful because there are so many possible combination of character traits to feed conflict and liven the plot. I never have character motivation issues or lack a sufficient scene goal. I don't have what some writers call the "sagging middle" syndrome, and I never get writer's block.

I can teach you all about this handy technique too. My April workshop "Writing By The Signs: Creating Believable Characters with Astrology" will teach anyone to overcome any character difficulty and give even more insight to write with. If you're interested see the right sidebar for the link to the Savvy Author and sign up to take my workshop.

Discover hidden facts about your characters with Astrology. I'll also be blogging at Savvy Author's tomorrow again about this subject, so come read and sign up. :-)