Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tying up Loose Ends

Today's been long, and it's only half over. I've edited, done some laundry, written, pet my cat and talked to my dog, and got about half of my To-Do list accomplished and just picked up my kiddo for school. In the Rain. And cold. I'm reeeeaaally hoping all this nasty cold will kill the mosquito and bug eggs so next summer will at least be tolerable. Enough of that.

Little by little my WIP is getting whipped into shape. I don't have a word count today, don't ask. I'll have something official next Monday, hopefully. Hey, at least I'm trying to keep up this blog more than once every, say, 3-4 months, lol. I'm doing more editing than writing right now, actually, and I feel like I'm going at this story back-asswards. Usually I go at it head-on then sideways. If you don't understand, don't try, 'cuz it'll give you a headache. The process works for me, and I love it.

Anyway, keeping wayward characters in check is ... interesting. Yeah. I'm seeing lots of attitude from one and snark from his ex- (she's got the hots for someone else, of course!). But that's what makes reading fun, all the conflicts of interest. More about this in a future blog report. :-)