Thursday, January 28, 2010

90 Percent Me

For those wondering about my broken wrist from Halloween, I can now officially write that I'm out of the brace with a naked arm. I'm 12 weeks post-Op, and I've been in and out of Dr's offices all week for physical therapy and check-ups.

The PT is doing a world of good. I've been re-evaluated, and all my lifting of weight/pushing/pulling restrictions have been canceled. I'm sore this morning from all the different new exercises and increased reps to rebuild muscle and strength. Already since the beginning of the year I'm back to my normal range of motion in most areas and 73-80% with the remainder. Yesterday's x-ray showed marked improvement in bone growth over the past 4 weeks also, and I couldn't even find 2 of the 3 break lines because they'd healed so well. I don't need my wrap or metal support. For my own peace of mind I'll still wear it at the gym for a while (I'm allowed to use it "as needed") when I do my weight training and aerobics until I get the final okay from my surgeon. But hey, it's been a long road, and I'm totally hyped about doing so well!

This also means more keyboard time with both hands. And relearning to do things around the house 2-handed is, um, going to be interesting. For now I'm aiming for full use in the next 4 weeks.



Kathy Ivan said...

Good to hear you're doing so well. Can't wait until you're fully functional again and can maybe make a DARA meeting, or at least get to this neck of the woods so we can do lunch/dinner again. It's been WAY TOO LONG!!!

Keep up with the exercises and everything, and I'm sure it will go easier for you in the long rung, although I'm sure it already seems like the long run after all these weeks.

Hopefully you are getting some good writing done, especially now that you can use both hands to type with again. Talk with you soon. Write, call, or e-mail whenever you get a chance.


Sherri Godsey said...
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Raquel Rodriguez said...

Thanks, Kathy! It HAS been too long, :-)


Raquel Rodriguez said...

Sherri, I'd love to do the workshop. I'll will get in touch with you ASAP. Thanks for the offer!