Friday, September 03, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.

Exhausted isn't the word for the whirlwind that is 'the beginning of school.' Day one was as expected: lots of parents escorting their spawn onto the grounds, lots of vehicles parked where they shouldn't be, lots of confusion because some families couldn't be at meet-the-teacher night last week.

I am so glad we parked up the street and walked.

My kiddo is excited to be back in school and to see friends. I am ready for my schedule to settle back down. My day job is still going well, and I think I've figured out my writing time. I don't have nearly as much as before, but the few hours per day will be put to good use. Now I'm looking forward to a little quiet time and maybe a chick-flick before school lets out.

Still need to do a bit of shopping for the family reunion and my dad's mini memorial tomorrow. Maybe that movie will have to wait a few days. (sigh)

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