Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heat Wave

In Texas, air conditioning is NOT an option, and I'm always reminded of this fact every August when the Mercury rises over the century line. It's everything we can do sometimes to stay cool or even to keep our home livable, much less comfortable in 107-degrees. Yes it's not the desert, but a heat bubble always forms over the metroplex that dissipates any chance of precipitation.

Swimming is sometimes an option, though not always. Lots of ice gets made, lots of water is consumed. Forget turning on the stove (much less the oven) to make a meal! I've even taken to writing with pen on paper to cut even the tiniest heat from my computer. We will survive this year as we always do. Just don't pack my freezer with ice cream!


PS: kiddo is coming home tonight! I can hardly wait to see him again!! :-)