Saturday, June 06, 2009

Reality Checking

Found some of my blog posts to 2005 (on another site) I thought I'd lost forever & saved them to archives. And Twitter finally restored all my posts. Yea! Editing is slow, more interruptions than I care for. I love my family dearly, but my office is in in the center of our home and open to all noise so proximity to all activities is 100%. If I buy a little shed and put it in the backyard, run an extension cord for A/C, lights, coffeemaker & computer, maybe I'll get more work done?? A better solution is take a week and clean out my over-cluttered craft room and covert it. I also want my dining room back, so the sewing machine and fabric does need to be moved. The exercise of moving stuff around may be a good way to ease into my summer diet, lol.

Adjusting to kiddo out of school for the summer is tougher than I thought it would be. I don't recall this much trouble last year. Probably all the initial excitement of getting to do stuff otherwise not on our schedule. I need to edit a few pages, so I'll stop here before I ramble.

Thought for today: Attitude adjustments don't suck when you want them. 'Nuf said. More later.

Have a good weekend.


2009 Editing Progress:


1,750 / 30,000

ShS - 0 / 25,000

C - 0 / 25,000

LDB - 0 / 30,000

PP - 0 / 55,000

D4TC - 0 / 55,000

FP - 0 / 50,000

MTT - 0 / 65,000

D4H - 0 / 60,000

MP - 0 / 50,000

DBWB - 0 / 25,000