Tuesday, November 28, 2006

All In A Day

What was I thinking to sign up for NaNoWriMo (at the last minute) this year on top of everything with family going on plus T-day??

Reason: I'm insane. I must be. After the great feeling of accomplishment I had about finishing FP in Oct., I was on a roll from the writing high and wanted to continue. So, DBWB was born and I threw my proverbial hat into the NaNo ring seconds before the starting bell rang.


Now I'm not so sure about this story. I've been working my assets off trying to get it written, and I'm not where I want to be. My goal was to reach 40K yesterday because this is the last week and the official "pencils down!" bell will go off at midnight Nov 30th. I'm sitting just shy of 38K right now.

And WHY am I blogging when I should be writing??? Procrastination is my friend. At least first thing in the morning until I get caffeinated and ready to tackle my lofty goal of the day (usually between 10-15 pages which for me is quite doable).

No, wait, dialogue is my friend. ;-) And I just finished breakfast -- 2 Lady Walton's Gourmet Creamy Dark Chocolate Butter Wafer Cookies totaling 6 points on my Weight Watchers chart and . . . soooo yummy!!! I'm on my second cup-o-Columbian Supremo, DH is at work, my kid's at school and the house is quiet. Even the cat's outside, though I can hear him up on our rook chasing squirrels.

Ahhh, it's writing time. :-)

NaNoWriMo: DBWB --

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