Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Accountability Rant

I really despise it when people take credit for someone else's work or don't mention that they were taught a certain noteworthy thing thus completely ousting the individual who kindly passed on their knowledge when they didn't have to. This is one of my pet peeves, and it's unfortunately happened before. It really bothers me that some folk don't own up and just say it like it is. Why not admit it when a thought or deed or skill was first done by another? There's no harm in it, no shame, and the individual will still get the glory because they are in the spotlight at the moment. Not only is unfair to the originator, it's down right mean.

If an idea was mentioned by someone else but not listened to, then was brought back up at a later date by someone else who happened upon a fairly lucrative deal and then was praised by those same people who practically ignored the individual who first mentioned it, that is so not right. Taking credit for someone else's ideas or work is wrong. Why? Why when the second individual already has all the glory and attention don't they pass on "oh, yeah, I got this idea from so-and-so..." The originator of the idea or thing probably worked hard to come up with whatever it was that was taught to or adopted by someone else.

I suppose blame should be distributed equally, especially if the original audience poo-pooers where so narrow minded they couldn't see their way to compromise so that everyone would benefit. But I think the first individual should be at least mentioned rather than ignored.

Just saying.