Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Life & Stuff

I really don't like arrogant people. I mean, what reason can they possible have for narrow opinions and risking someone's safety?

Yep, I had a difference of opinion with someone, and I'm in process of checking out the facts. My day job entails a lot of watch dogging, and my #1 concern is my student's safety and good health. Exercise can be dangerous if not done correctly, and instructors should always keep preventative measures in place. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Fun can come with a price, and I gladly keep watch over my classes.

The reunion and dad's memorial went well. Stories were told and family members reminisced. There was a table laid out with my dad's photo, flowers, his favorite candies to share, a memorial book to sign, and extra stationary for anyone who wanted to write to dad because hey didn't get to say goodbye. After dark and our weenie roast supper, we burned the letters and the smoke rose to heaven and messages went to dad. Everyone cheered, and we waved to the night stars and dad. It was good and brought some closure.

Subbing several additional classes over the next two weeks, so I might only be able to post a line or two in my entries.