Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun Was Had By All

Busy day starting with one of my RWA chapter writer's meeting, then on to a visit by another group we're with to another group's meeting then socializing, and home.

The afternoon meeting was a sedate, interesting group, and we found many friends we already knew. I was fortunate to also reconnect with a dance partner (Les) from waaay back when we were with the same belly dance group. She's still lovely as ever, and I was so glad to see her again. Turns out we have common interests, and we also talked about dancing together again in the future. Yeah!

Next week after out SciFi meeting another group is meeting at the same location ... so all I have to do is hang out then maybe Les and I do a bit of dancing again. She told me of several functions and we connected on a forum where I hang and do research for my SP stories. This is going to definitely be fun.

Writer's meeting means no writing today. Will try tomorrow for a few pages.