Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Fun

Well maybe. Editing is going slower than I planned. I'm supposed to be participating in a BIAW challenge, but yesterday I didn't make my quota. Three hours a day is a comfortable amount of work, any more and I get a little overwhelmed in the summer. It's different during regular school months. Not so when my kiddo NEEDS this, that and other stuff NOW.

I'm doing okay keeping distractions to a minimum. Routine has helped me a lot plus getting back to my daily exercise. I haven't had much luck finding someone to redo my website, so I'm back to square one trying to redo it myself. I spent a few hours Monday designing and figuring out what would work best, load fast and be easy to upkeep. I still haven't reconstructed my old site with all the particulars. Yahoo archives still don't have copies, and the way-back thingie isn't working for me. I'll just have to keep working on it a few minutes here and there.

Editing. Yeah, I'm behind where I want to be. I thought by now I'd be happily in the middle of the story. I really need to quit that, because it never happens that way. I'm hoping after I check on my class today to enter all the edits for the last two chapters I reworked. That's my goal ... besides redoing the music for my class this evening.

So, yeah, life goes on. Still have my fingers crossed this story will be out the door by the end of this month.