Monday, July 26, 2010

Did It Again

In my defense, I haven't judged too much over the past year, so I answered a "call" to help judge a non-RWA writing contest. Not too many pages for the entries plus an easy-to-understand-and-fill-out judging form. I know I'm side tracking. Giving back is something I do, because I've had some great help from contest judges in the distant past.

Editing is still slow, but I have hopes to get back on track within the next few days. I'm mulling over 2 new scenes I need to add and how to not make the additional character a total jerk. Redemption is the key here, making him somehow a lovable jerk. He's an alpha, so there's potential conflict with my main hero (always a good thing). And I have more than one shrubbery for them to beat on, lol.

For the next couple of weeks I'm hoping for a lot of quiet to get this story completed. I just have to limit my Internet time. I still have high hopes, though interruptions are the rule of the day sometimes. Thinking positive = I will persevere instead of procrastinate.

Wish me luck!