Saturday, July 07, 2012

Evil Stepmother

The spring harvest is awesome and nearly done. Plants are starting to die back, our bean plants are growing nicely to add nitrogen back into the soil, and I'm still writing my page-a-day. If the heat stays reasonable (for Texas, at least) I might have a good chance at a fall garden.

I also got an interesting call this week. Seems that there is a misconception that I actually like the business partner my late dad was married to when he passed away two years ago. Now there is an issue she "expects" and "needs" me to just bow out of so she can get more money. Never mind that this person did not respect my dads wishes regarding my sister, me, and our families as to his last requests. And since choosing not to probate my dad's will, she's trying to take the easy way out. I refuse to cooperate. Why should I help a rich woman who has hated me for almost 30 years?