Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marathon Saturday

We have TRON from NetFlix! I usually do one day a month where I watch 2-3 movies (a 'Marathon Monday'), eat nachos and chocolate and popcorn and gummy worms, whatever, and thoroughly enjoy myself. This always refills the creative reservoir and makes my Muse (Maab) happy. Sometimes it's all pirate movies, sometimes it's all historicals, sometimes fantasy, sometimes spy. Whatever I'm in the mood to watch, all the movies have a common theme.

If I don't get my "play" day, Queen Maab gets cranky and uncooperative, and I have a difficult time writing.

Well, this isn't a full "day," but I love TRON and haven't seen it in years. My kiddo's never seen it. This is where all the artistic movie CGI began, and for at least a few hours I'm going to enjoy a creative refill.