Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Bummer

You know, it's really discouraging when you work and work for literally YEARS, take writing classes and workshops, listen to critique partners, and read about grammar and technique and writing tight and how to to refine your writing and create/edit/polish a story, then get shot down. I just don't get it. :-(

Neither did all except one of my GE judges. They mostly had opposing opinions, which doesn't help me any. They couldn't even agree of WHAT was wrong (?) with my entry. And by the strange comments, I wonder if one judge even read MY entry. Most of the suggestions I received had me scratching my head, because much of what it was already in the story. So . . . ??? I pride myself with paying attention to the entries I judge, and I expect the same consideration to my work. Unfortunately, this has happened before, and apparently my opinion about judging is in the minority. Makes me want to go on and on and on and yell bad words. (snort, snark!)

Oh well, I still have one story out there, and I had a great feeling about it when I submitted it to the publisher.