Sunday, January 01, 2006

Six in '06

Happy New year!

Well, I've survived another hectic holiday season, an I'm eager to get back to my writing. Resolutions aren’t usually my thing, however this year there are several things I really want to accomplish. Currently on my desk are three completed manuscripts and one unfinished story. For this new year, I’m devoting the first quarter to completing and polishing all four, plus I’d like to write two new stories. Hence the “Six in’06.”

Of course there are other small projects like articles I want to write and classes I’d like to teach (one is already approved, yea!), plus I want to post here at least once per week instead of once per month. I’ll have to see how everything shapes up and post it here so I can stay honest about my progress. ;-)

BIAQ Goal = edit 4 projects:

Jan - 110K novel
Feb - 90K novel
March - two 25K novellas

0 / 250,000

Happy writing,